Monday, 30 January 2017

The rules of Life

I've been slowly putting these together for the benefit of my son. Now that I hardly see him because of the divorce it's harder to teach him the things he needs to know so that he is prepared for life

In no particular order:

1 Don't play with fire
2 Keep your balance - life is a great balancing act
3 Learn ways to cope with stress- connect with your inner being. Learn the Power of Now
4 Respect your elders. Forgive
5 Don't point
6 Take great care of yourself - always. That means always wear a condom. Always
7 Don't bite your nails - use tools and never on a Tuesday
8 Don't wipe your mouth with your sleeve
9 Don't touch peoples faces
10 Respect other peoples things
11 Don't lean out of windows
12 Wash your hands before you eat. But don't obsess. The dirtiest place in a public toilet is the sink
13 Avoid Gyms. Learn natural fitness by body wieght training
14 Don't keep asking for things. But don't stop wanting. Think differently
15 Don't play on the stairs
16 Eat healthy food - sweets only sometimes. Learn to FAST regularly
17 Don't throw things in the house
18 If you want to run around go outside
19 Take your time when you eat. Enjoy conversation while you eat
20 Don't eat before your elders
22 Dance as much as you can. Be cool and don't be shy. Dance is natural
23 Don't snack - eat when it's time to eat
24 be very wary of big rivers - don't play near the edge
25 Don't swim where there might be sharks. Just don't
26 Live by your own lights - make your own decisions
27 Have your children while you are young
28 understand shit tests and keeping your FRAME
29 learn MGTOW. Start young
30 keep improving yourself always. Practice a daily Mantra
31 Learn GAME. Read Rollo Tomasi
32 store everything on the cloud
33 PORN has it's place - don't let it take up too much of your time
34 look up Kalergi 
35 Don't believe history -  learn what really happened in WW2. Holocaust is a lie
36 Become a master at something that cannot be automated or done by a Robot
37 Practice gratitude
38 Life can change very quickly. Always have a Plan B. Especially regarding women
39 Practice Yoga
40 When holdinga knife - do nothing else
41 Live life by the Lunar calendar - learn the cycle and it's meanings
42 1. Contain your SEED in your LOINS until you find a WOMAN who truly deserves to receive it.
43 2. Contain your PLANS in your MIND until you can ACT on them.
44 3. Contain your FEELINGS in your HEART until you are CALM.
45 4. Contain your STRENGTH in your LIMBS until you are called to a worthy CHALLENGE.
46 5. Contain your FEARS in your SOUL until your COURAGE overcomes them.
47 6. Contain your MONEY in your PURSE until you can buy something truly VALUABLE.
48 7. Contain your HUNGER in your STOMACH until you have cooked a manly FEAST.
49 8. Contain your WORDS in your MOUTH until everyone else has SPOKEN.
50 9. Contain your ANGER in your BELLY until you find your true ENEMY.
51 10. Contain your PLEASURE in your BODY until you are ALONE.
53 As much as you can listen for the voice of God in the sounds of nature - wind in the trees, boom of surf, running of the rivers
54 Look at the spaces between, around and within things not just at the things
55 Find your being in the formless, timeless world within you. The world of form and time is finite and ever-changing - it is the world we live in but not who we are
56 When you are in trouble,when you find yourself in a bad place - just breathe
57 Learn to manage your money. Never get into debt. Save always.
58 Don't get a job. Ever. Run a business
59 You must learn to take care of yourself before you can take care of a family
60 Learn to drive as soon as you can. When you are not driving well, drive slowly. NEVER drink and drive
61 Do Not go Past The Mark You Aimed For, In Victory Learn When To Stop
62 Rollo’s cardinal rule of relationships: The one who has the power is the one who needs the other less
63 Learn the 16 commandments: 
64 Never go out to a casino or a red light area with a credit card. Leave all cards at home. Take cash
65 My mother had a very old book that is rare to find (if impossible) now, called The Fascinating Girl (and a married one The Fascinating Woman – by Helen B. Andelin if you want to try to find it
66 The manipulated man - read it
67 The purpose of your life is not to make a woman happy or to provide her with substance to maintain her fairytale illusion
68 Use women for what they are – but never trust them. You can always depend on a woman to be a slut – but nothing else. Remember that… Everything else is just wishful thinking on your part
69 Learn to be comfortable with silence and solitude. The alternative is drama, chaos and servitude
70 The goal is to separate us from God, from woman, from family, from tribe, to take from us any shred of identity and connection, the things that make us human. You can blame feminists, Satan, you can point your finger at liberals, Jews, the elite class, whatever. In time we’ll know exactly what and whom we’re dealing with, as our enemies are starting to make themselves known.

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